Patio Door Security

The most common security weakness with sliding patio doors is to be found in their fitting along the running rails. In some instances it is possible to lift the door completely out of the running rail

  • Ivess Lock Patio Door Anti-Lifting Device
  • As featured on ‘Dragons’ Den
  • Prevents patio sliding doors from being lifted off from the outside
  • No keys required
  • lOO% Irish manufactured

Advantages of the Ivess Lock over other locks

  • It is simple to operate.
  • Has an easy to handle knob
  • Easy to lock and unlock
  • Spring is not too strong to pull

The placement and angle of the locking prevents the door from being lifted up and also prevents the door being pulled out. Because as the door is being lifted it has to slide up and in along the pin of the lock. So the more upward pressure that is exerted on the door the tighter it gets in the locking engagement.Patio Door Lock

This  Lock  is easy to install, there are two  fixing screws provided in the pack and the backing card in the pack doubles up as an installation template. By drilling another receiver hole in the bottom rail, the door can be locked in the partially opened position to allow for ventilation or control the movements of a pet or child.

There are no keys required !

As most extra locks that are fitted to sliding doors are fitted on the inside and can only be opened from the outside, so the spring loading device on this locking device is  enough to secure the door which is the most vulnerable door on the majority of Irish homes.

Don’t take chances with your home security!

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Master Key Locks

Master Key systems are used to allow and restrict access of different areas within a building to different people using a minimum of keys. It is particularly useful in any place that is frequented by a variety of people with varying levels of responsibility.

We have expertise to assist you with the design and planning of your Master key System.

Followed up by our supply and installation service we can assure you that we provide you with a system to suit each individual requirement.

Our after sales service can include key management, key audits and a rapid replacement service for spare keys or damaged locks.

Some of our customers would include Schools, Apartments, and Hospitals, Factories, Hotels, Bed & Breakfast accommodation & sheltered housing.


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Kaba Push Button Code Locks

Kaba / Simplex / Unican  mechanical pushbutton locks offer a convenient way to control access between public and private areas. There are no keys or cards to manage, no computers to program, no batteries to replace, and combinations can be changed in seconds without removing the lock from the door. The convenient way to keep doors secure without the hassle of turning keys.  Combined with an overhead door closer you reduce the risk of an opportunistic thief gaining access private areas in retail stores, offices etc .


Transponder Car Keys

If you have a car newer than 1994, chances are that the key has a computer chip in the head called a transponder. The purpose of the transponder is to control the vehicle security system. Once you remove the key from the ignition, the immobilizer is activated without any further involvement of the owner. Once the key is entered in the ignition, the vehicle identity’s the key electronically and allows the vehicle to start.

Many Car dealers will tell you that you can only get new or additional transponder keys from your main dealer. Truth is, you can get transponder keys from M.D. LOCK & KEY much faster than from a car dealer. Using the latest in computerized key equipment we create transponder vehicle keys in our specialist drive in facilities at our premises in Clonmel. Many car dealers get us to make new keys for their customers so they don’t have hassle of ordering and having to wait for them to arrive from overseas.

Of course we make keys for older cars as well. No matter how old the vehicle – car, truck, motorcycle, boat, airplane – or the circumstance, we’ve got the equipment and technology to get you in and get you going.

Avoid the hassle and expense caused by losing your Car keys ! Get some spare made today


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Have the year, make & model of the vehicle you have and we will be happy to assist you.


Chubb Locks Ireland


Quiet often customers are amazed to realise that the “Chubb” brand is no longer available when considering security locks for their property.

Chubb was Ireland’s most recognized name for high security door and window locks for the banking, residential and commercial market for the last century & more .

With a 200 year history of UK manufacturing, Chubb Locks have been the preferred choice of locksmiths to supply and fit for many years. When it came to insurance underwriters the Chubb range of British Standard 5 Lever Mortice Locks was the first choice for insurance approved locks.

Fact is since August 2010, due to brand licensing agreements, the Chubb brand will no longer appear on lock products we sell.

Its really a matter of Brand identity, most of the original “Chubb” locking devices are still available, but under the UNION or Yale brand.

This means that if someone wishes to replace a Chubb lock or wants to continue to benefit from the quality and security provided by Chubb technology, they should contact us directly and we will advise them as to the best alternative or similar product.

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Buy Locks Online in Ireland

We are pleased to announce the launch of our all-new online store for our full range of ABS high security locks & other security products and accessories.

We have built our on-line store around a friendly, easy to use interface with industry leading pricing.

Committed to providing security products and services to our customers we assure you of a professional experience when shopping with us.

Remember to check back often, as we will be adding exciting new security products from leading manufactures regularly


How secure is your home?

Upgrade your Home Security Now

Surveys show that the majority of Irish homes can be broken into in less than a minute !


Its estimated that 90% of Irish homes have some form of multipoint locking on the perimeter doors to the property.

These range from uPVC, aluminium, timber & sliding patio doors all of which offer a false level of security if the key cylinder has not being upgraded from the original design.

Burglars have discovered just how easy it is to bypass a standard type euro cylinder. It doesn’t matter how many hooks or dead bolts you have on your multipoint door lock, the weakest on most venerable part is the key cylinder mechanism. Once the cylinder is bypassed the multipoint lock can be unlocked by simply pushing down on the door handle.

Our Advice is simple

Take the first step in inproving your home security by installing ABS High Security Key Cylinders Today.
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Cell phone to unlock your vehicle !!!

In our day to day work we heard several stories from the general public about unlocking vehicles using various tools & methods when the keys are locking in. 

Quiet often its from a friendly face or passer by who stops to offer their opinion as we work roadside assisting someone in distress.  The latest myth doing the rounds is that somehow you can unlock your vehicle if you have a friend operating your spare remote key on the other end of a mobile phone, while you hold your phone close to the car !

Oh the joys of it all.

The truth about using your cell phone to unlock your vehicle

The moral of the story is ” When you need a key, use your cell phone to  call M.D.Lock and Key”

Safe identification

We have established a large database of safe specifications and can quickly and efficiently identify a safe model and the appropriate recommended cash rating for Insurance purposes. Even in cases where the serial number is missing, we can often identify the specific safe.With our experience in the safe and security industry we are pleased to offer a safe identification service that will help you obtain insurance cover and in some cases identify a safe that is unusable for insurance purposes.If you’d like to know more about how we can help identify your old safe please Contact us.

Safe Moving & installation

We are equipped to deal with a wide variety of safe installations and removals catering for all applications. Safe moving is a very specialist service and requires equipment that is unique to the trade. Anything from a small commercial safe to a 2 tonne banking quality safe if needed . We have the ability to lift and transport all manner of safes on a nationwide basis.We also offer a warehousing facility to customers. Therefore if you are in the process of moving premises or maybe having building work carried out and you need your safe or safes to be stored for a while, we can happily accommodate you.If, on the other hand, you just need a safe or door removed and disposed of, we can of course take care of that too.